Conficker will not fool you this April`s Fool

27 03 2009

Well you might have been told that on 1st April, your computer will stop working because of a worm, called Conficker. It is not true; the worm must compromise your system before. The worm can only penetrate your system if you are not up-to-date with Microsoft`s patches. Conficker can be found in three variants named a, b and c. A and b were named “Downadup” and c is the current version which contacts 50,000 servers to get information. Conficker uses a vulnerability which was patched in October 2008, so if you haven`t updated your system from then, it will serve you as a good punishment. To stay on the safe side update your antivirus and a full system scan.

In addition, you might want to get this update:

MSRT (Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool) is a utility to remove worms and rootkits. It is not a substitute for an antivirus but it will make sure you do not have any bad software on your pc.

                Any one using Antivirus 2009? It is free, and one of the biggest scams in internet security. Do not download it! It is a worm, which will infect your computer. If you do not own an antivirus, AVG and Avira AntiVir provide a free version of their real software. If you want to buy an antivirus, I recommend Norton Internet Security 2009. I am currently using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and found it very fast and stable (on a Quad core and 4 GB of RAM).

                Hope you learned something, stay safe and do not go to questionable sites. If you are not going online this April`s fool, I will be watching funny clips of cats on YouTube 😛




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