27 09 2008

Scholastic Year 2005-2006 kicked off to a good start as a group of enthusiastic students opted to participate in our competition for the Best School Representatives. The Theme of our Project is ‘Fighting Stereotypes in European Nations’. The students had to prepare the following – Game involving information about the 4 participating countries, Interviewing individuals who are actually doing something to combat the negative idea of stereotypes in relation to – Prisoners; Migrants coming from African countries, Eastern Europe & China; Tourists coming from Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary; Foreign students in our midst. In the meantime networking continued with the co-ordinators of our Partner Schools from Poland, Hungary and Germany.

On the 26th March 2006, the team left for Dessau, Germany, where students were hosted by German families. This meant that they could experience the real lifestyles and put an end to any negative perceptions. The highlight of the trip was of course the school presentations. The German students focused on fashion as a means of uniting young people across the European borders. The Polish Team emphasized through a series of interviews by one of the students acting as a TV journalist that it is great to get to know individuals from different countries. Their programme also included a number of songs.

The Maltese presentation included a Maltese Board Display, The Verdala Story – PowerPoint Presentation, IT Game by Norbert Bonnici Form IV student with reference to the four countries involved in project, a discussion about an investigation regarding whether women in Malta are still considered as stereotype housewives as part of ‘Track Gender Disparity’ project which was launched by the Dutch Educational Institution, which could be viewed on www.aliceo.nl. Other presentations included a clip against racism, a presentation of a Tshirt – Fighting Stereotypes in European Nations – Closing the distance–‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Gandhi, music and dance display, drama.




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